Our Boarding Kennels

Our Kennels.

Team Whitley works incredibly hard to create a homely and welcoming environment for your dogs. The team are qualified, experienced, and passionate. They will care for your dog's every need. We understand separation anxieties caused by covid lockdown and will support your dog with the necessary transitions. Your dog's accommodation comprises of a heated sleeping area and an outside covered run which allows good ventilation. Our kennels are cosy in the winter and cool in the summer and we offer a choice of single, double, family, or small dog occupancy.


We provide only the highest quality pet food to our guests. Step Up is a complete natural grain-free dry food that provides a fully balanced diet. We also cater for dogs that prefer wet foods with Forthglade which is 100% natural, grain-free and comes in lots of feel-good flavours! We are also happy to maintain preferred diets, but owners will need to provide their dog's food in a securely sealed bag or airtight container.

Wellbeing, welfare, and enrichment.

For some dogs encountering new and strange surroundings can be a daunting experience. Our aim is to make our guests feel at home. We also understand behaviour conditions like separation anxieties. The team's support will help you and your dog with the necessary transitions. We recommend and encourage owners to bring with them favourite toys that will help dogs feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Bedding is provided by us and is washed daily to maintain our high level of cleanliness. The welfare of our guests is of the utmost importance and all dogs are treated as if one of our own. Enrichment is an important part of our care, including snuffle mats, licki mats, filled kongs, natural treats plus lots more for your dog to enjoy!

Security and safety.

The security and safety of guests is of paramount importance to us. We have CCTV cameras throughout our facilities that are monitored via an app on directors' and managers' phones. We are open for pre-arranged appointments and daycare, otherwise, Whitley Crest is closed to the public.


Please see our separate tab for our vaccination policy.


Medication needs to be handed over in its original packaging and clearly labeled with instructions from your registered vet. Insulin will be refrigerated. Supplements can be handed over to us in any air-tight packaging. Out of hours medication will be subject to a small fee.

Veterinary Services.

In the unfortunate event that a guest becomes ill whilst boarding with us, we have access to veterinary services 24hrs a day. Our practice is Malthouse Veterinary Group Ltd, which operates its own in-house emergency service. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse admission to a guest showing signs of ill health. A dog must be fit for boarding. Older dogs may need to be assessed before arrival.