Meet the Team

Louise - Director

22 years of experience managing boarding kennels 

Louise is the backbone of the team, holding everyone together and keeping everything running smoothly, she is our main fun bus driver, making sure all the guests are happy and delivered safely to their destinations. Louise NEVER STOPS! Any job that needs doing, Louise has already done it (Our very own Wonder Woman!). She works very hard along side her sister, Kathryn.

Louise's dog Bodhi is a french bulldog, he comes into daycare with her.

Kathryn - Director

20 years of experience managing boarding kennels

Kathryn is the hurricane force of Whitley, she takes no nonsense from anyone, but she is excellent at handling all the situations thrown at her. Kathryn loves spending some of her time dealing with the customers and loves to have a good chat with everyone. She also loves any challenging dog, so your dogs are safe with her! Kathryn is also the healer of the team, helps keep us all together along with her sister, Louise.

Kathryn currently has no pets but she is soon planning for her next challenge!

Lauren -  Team Member

2 years experience working at Whitley Crest - Level 3 Animal Management BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare degree

Lauren has a very calm and understanding nature with all the guests, she keeps her head down and gets on with the work. She is very easy to work with and is good with customers.  Lauren also loves a challenge, especially with pets that have challenging behaviours. We are very lucky to have Lauren working for us and are excited for her future, with us and the world.

Lauren has 2 dogs, Lola and Willow. She brings them both into daycare regularly and is in the process of training Willow who is a puppy!

Hannah - Team Member 

Hannah started her journey with us 3 years ago when she arrived for her work experience placement. A very quiet young lady with little to no confidence. Hannah has absolutley blown us away with her natural ability to care for animals. This girl was born to work with animals! 

Hannah was offered a weekend job that turned to holiday job that turned into an Apprenticship. Hannah qualified with a  Level 2 Distinction in Animal Care and is currently waiting to start a level 3 in management. We are so proud of Hannah, her support is impecable. She has a very exciting future at Whitley! 

Hannah has 2 dogs that both have medical needs called Charlie and Lola. She also has 2 chickens called Hetty and Betty.

Amy - Team Member

Amy has been working at Whitley Crest since 2017. Amy has gained much experience and has completed a competency course for Kennels, Dog Day Care and Home Boarders.

Amy has a bubbly character, she loves to work outdoors and has 6 dogs of her own! You can often find Amy snacking in the corner at any time of the day though.

She is good in reception and helps make sure all your bookings are in place. 

Emily - Volunteer

Emily's journey at Whitley started 13 years ago. Emily very quickly became a valued team member, in fact she became a part of our family! She has the most caring nature, she will talk for England mind ;) 

This girl has a heart of gold and will do anything for anyone. She is always helping others, humans and animals alike. Emily's journey came to an end when she became a mum. She has also recently had a difficult journey with her health but she is fighting her way! Emily's volunteering enabables her to have a break from reality and enjoy doing what she loves. 

Emily recently started a fundraiser on behalf of Team Whitley to help us through one of the most difficult times we could have experienced, it has been a massive help.