Nutrition Mission

Team Whitley's Mission








How we aim to help you and your pets

Team Whitley are now selling natural treats! We only sell the best, good quality nutritional treats for our lovely guests. Have a peek inside our reception to see what's available!

We post nutritional tips on our Whitley Group Chat on Facebook (See the 'Social Media' tab) regularly to help educated customers and show them the best options possible. This is for both feeding and treat time!

Shop Recommendations

Team Whitley's Shop Recommendations

There are plenty of natural treat stores out there but these are the ones we recommend! Our resources below combined with some research could lead you to your perfect choice.

Bevys Fur Babies Online Pet Shop Use the code 'Whitleycrest' for 12% off!

Lily's Kitchen

Pet Munchies

Educational Resources

Team Whitley's Suggestive Educational Resources


All about dog food

The Forever Dog

Yumove's Health Guides