Welcome to Whitley!

Family buisness established since 2002.

Kathryn and Louise have spent a lifetime working and understanding dogs and cats.
Our passion for dogs and developing the right skills and positive mindset offers you and your
pet peace of mind.
TJ, Shadow and our foster girl Sally gave us our vision, we wanted to offer a service like no other,
a service that was at a standard of care that any dog and pawrent deserves.

Kennels are fashionably known to be a cold and noisy enviroment, a traumatic experience for the most balanced dog.

It's a dated statement and we have spent over twenty years proving this to be wrong!
Our kennels are safe and secure, just how your dog sees your home to be.
Dogs have similar emotions to us and thrive on the feeling of being loved, lead and
cared for by an extensive, qualified and experienced team.
We have a duty of care to provide physical, mental and social requirements during your dogs stay with us with in a stress free enviroment.

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