Doggy Daycare

Welcome to Whitley's Daycare centre.

Our daycare has been created to offer our canine friends the best daycare experience. Our licensed daycare facility offers a large grassed paddock, the largest dig pit in Shropshire, a purpose-built astro play area, trampolines, splash pools and not forgetting sofa surfing in our cosy indoor cabin.

Team Whitley are highly qualified, experienced, and very proud to offer a 5 star standard of care.

Daycare provides over 10hrs of supervised fun! Your dog will learn from us but most importantly from our long-term daycare dogs how to interact and socialise in a wonderful safe environment.

                Every dog deserves happiness and freedom

Benefits of our Daycare

  • Mental stimulation, enrichment, new experiences, and smells
  • Improve social skills
  • Reduces separation anxiety 
  • A great release for high energy dogs
  • No more long and boring days at home
  • Outdoor and indoor environment
  • Enriching your dog to live its best life.
  • Allowing your dog to make better choices
  • Individual and pack needs
  • Great communication skills
  • Creates good boundaries
  • Releases happy hormones
  • Confidence building
  • Encourages good dog etiquette
  • Learn body language from well balanced dogs
  • Releases built up energy
  • Learning behaviours through play

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Do's and don'ts of Daycare




Feed 1 hour before arriving for daycare

Feed your dog just before you leave

This helps prevent bloating, bloating is the expansion of the stomach. This can be life threatening to your dogs.

Let your dog out for toilet time before coming for daycare

Bring your dog if they have a bad stomach or they have sickness

This helps to prevent cross contamination between all of our other guests that we have a duty of care for.

Let us know of any health issues or any concerns with your dog either before arrival or upon arrival

Bring your dog if the issues stated above or if they have Conjunctivitus

This helps us to minimise the spread of any diseases, infections or viruses among all our daycare guests.

Label your dogs belongings

Be late or early arriving for daycare

This helps to keep everything organised and settled. Labelling belongings helps us to organise everything and know who each belonging is for. Being early can distrupt our morning routine of looking after our boarding guests. Being late can unsettle the daycare pack that we have worked hard to settle. 

Daycare Fun Bus!

The Whitley fun bus is on the road twice a week. This is a very popular service that runs to and from Welshpool and Shrewsbury!

We hope to offer another day very soon. There are designated pick-up points in both Welshpool and Shrewsbury which you will be informed about if you arrange for the fun bus with us. 

Daycare Events