Our Canine Nutrition Journey

Kathryn and Lauren are both currently completing a Level 3 accredited Canine Health and Nutrition diploma through the British college of canine studies.

Kathryn’s mission:

“Being a guardian of larger breeds over many years and losing them to a young age with health conditions combined with my visual knowledge of guests that I’ve cared for, I knew that something was missing. After getting my Romanian rescue, Ivar, I decided that I was going to educate myself through research to provide the best nutrition and lifestyle to give him the best life possible. My journey began…”

Lauren’s mission:

“I had issues with my own dog Willow regarding activity levels and weight loss due to the high volume of carbohydrates in most kibbles. I did a lot of research to see what worked best to maintain a healthy weight and to fuel her high energy levels by increasing her protein and calorie intake. I feel that with my extended knowledge I can help make a difference for others and their dogs.”

A well-balanced diet ensures that your dog is getting everything they need to support joints, organ development, help with immunity, to improve longevity and to minimise health issues. Studies backed by science has proven a connection between gut health and behaviour.